Dylan Thomas International Literary Residency: Michelle Dooley Mahon

Med anledning av Dylan Thomas Literary Residence presenterar Populär Poesi de sex författare som ska medverka. Den andra författaren heter Michelle Dooley och kommer från Irland.

Michelle Dooley Mahon
Michelle Dooley Mahon

Name: Michelle Dooley Mahon
Age: I am 49 years old.
Hometown: Wexford, South East of Ireland.
Favourite food: Chicken Dopiaza and Pilau Rice.
Best book ever written: Book is 2 actually (whittled down from a very lengthy list to) 3 Men in a boat by Jerome k. Jerome and Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. (Number 3 would be The Belljar by Sylvia Plath, but surely the inclusion of same would morph me into a walking cliche.

What do you know about Sweden and Tranås?

I know that Abba came from Sweden, that anyone who has ever gone out from Ireland that I have known, has got married and moved out there – and have been watching Wallander in the hope of teaching myself enough Swedish to order drinks in a bar or identify a murderer.

I know that Tranas is beside the train station and is a small town  under a 100 years old with a tree lined main street that looks like rural America, and that Wednesday night is a good one for dancing in houses.

What do you expect of the Dylan Thomas Literary Residency?
I expect to be able to relax and write in Tranas and brainstorm with other writers and artists, networking and advising each other and being open to new influences and connections.

What work do you plan to do during the residency?
When I locate the memory stick I have the memoirs saved on,( the only thing with a memory in this house is the mattress)  I hope to edit and beat them into submission and record the pieces for the IRN radio show that broadcasts across the time zones to the diaspora of Irish people around the world, the producer of which has been waiting now for 2 and a half years.

She says I’m worth it.

You write in a lot of different genres, what is the main differences between writing for spoken word, blogs and traditional stories?
Since I started performing the pieces and blogs that I write, things have gone crazy and I now do sell out shows which include me singing, building my own set and dressing it, inflating the balloons, organising the raffle, and closing the show with a rock band.

The difference in writing for spoken word performances is in the delivery, phrasing and pauses and so short punchy sentences can lift the pieces.

As I understand your bio, you work in the borderline between fiction and fact – ain´t it difficult to tell what´s what?
All of the work is factual, and is memory based from 3 decades of work, travel and relationships across Ireland, England, Wales, Germany and Spain.

Tell us a bit about your fictive memoirs?
The Memoir came about because of the illness of my Mother, Siobhan who is in year 8 of Alzheimers Dementia, and I inititally wrote them to document her memories, and ours. I created a page on Facebook about her, and the implosion of the dynamic of a family as the Matriarch disappears. It is called Alzheimer Association of Ireland

I blog at shellakeypookey.blogspot.com and am on facebook and twitter.

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