Dylan Thomas International Literary Residency: Tishani Doshi

Med anledning av Dylan Thomas Literary Residence presenterar Populär Poesi de sex författare som ska medverka. Tishani Doshi kommer från Indien.

Tishani Doshi
Tishani Doshi

Name: Tishani Doshi
Favorite food: Masala dosa
Best Book ever written: The divine comedy

What do you know about Sweden and Tranås?
I know nothing about tranas and have never visited anywhere in Scandinavia so I’m very excited to be visiting…

What do you expect of the Dylan Thomas Literary residency?
I hope to have a few weeks of calm and inspiration to work on my second novel and maybe some new poems as well.

What work do you plan to do during the residency?
To restructure my second novel

You express yourself in many ways, by dancing and in writing both poetry and prose. Can you describe the difference between your arts expressive opportunities?
Each is its own country in a way but there are bridges and paths of intersection between all these territories….. In dance the projection works from in to outward whereas in writing whether it’s poetry or prose it’s the other way around.

Countries of the Body became the best debute i Great Britain, will you tell us a bit about the book?
It came out of my years as a dancer. I began late in life to dance – at 26 – to work with the Indian choreographer Chandralekha and it remains my most fulfilling exciting life experience to date.

You use mythological stuff in your novell Fontain, will you tell us a bit about where it come from?
I was commissioned to retell one of the stories from the medieval welsh myth – the Mabinogion – and my tale was the lady of the fountain, which I set in a surrogacy clinic – trying to bring the original story with a contemporary twist.


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