Yeats International Literary Residency: Inês Lampreia

Populär Poesi är med och arrangerar Yeats International Literary Residency mellan den 18 september och 11 oktober, varunder sex internationella författare kommer att bo och verka tillsammans i Tranås. Här presenterar vi författarna. Först ut är Inês Lampreia från Portugal.

Inês Lampreia. Foto: Ozias Filho.
Inês Lampreia. Foto: Ozias Filho.

Name: Inês Lampreia
Age: 35
Hometown: Lisabon
Favorite Food: Everything with caju nuts

Best book ever written
It is very hard to select one with so many best literature, best writers, best stories and books in our civilization history. But, to answer here and now, between Tolstoi, Orwell, Sándor Marai, Agotha Kristoff, Jorge de Sena, C.Virgil Gheorgiu, Fernando Pessoa, and so many others, the book Orlando, by Virginia Wolf.

What do you know about Sweden and Tranås?
Sweden is in my head Selma Lagerlöf, Strindberg, Stig Dagerman, Bauer, Nobel, Ikea, Nord folklore, Volvo, a country full of lakes and full of green.

I already know where Tranas is in google map. I have read about the fur factories, history and its personalities. I dream about it and want very much to know its community.

What do you expect of the Yeats International Literary Residency?
A very exciting experience of knowing other atmosphere and nature on earth. To know Tranås people, Sommen Lake and its surroundings which seems to be quite appealing by its dense forests and glinting lakes. I hope to collect several details/cultural aspects of a different society. I hope to write as much as I can and I except it brings an opportunity to share my writings with other international writers and local community.

What work do you plan to do during the residency
A new project. My writings are very influenced by places. I often go to places I don’t know and where I am more exposed to inspire myself and find characters, landscapes or scenes. Tranås was once well known for its fur industry, even if there is almost no such activity today, and it is surrounded by moose parks and lakes. These specific information are mottos that excite me to create something from the community and its history. I am not sure about what will come out, but I hope to have a story full of Scandinavian details.

You write in several genres – describe the difference between them
In life we represent many roles, as well as the world is many things. The stories I write are the same. I write short-stories, scripts, novella, experimental writing, I do performances and literary installations… Somehow there are stories that do not fit in the classical literature format because they gain with other structure, as if the way they come out to be read was as important as its content – Both construct the narrative. When I write I’m actually just guiding stories that have their own course, I am phosphorus and who oriented the gunpowder to get the best fire.

What do you think is making you a good writer
I think there are two main things can make a better writer. On the one hand, reading intensively and always with passion, “reading” the world with curiosity and sometimes observing it with laziness give me the eagerness to write more and more. On the other hand, challenging the need of security by experiencing an uncertain precarious work life, living with less and taking risks just to have the time to write.