Yeats International Literary Residency: Mel Perry

Populär Poesi är med och arrangerar Yeats International Literary Residency mellan den 18 september och 11 oktober, varunder sex internationella författare kommer att bo och verka tillsammans i Tranås. Den andra författaren är Mel Perry från Wales.

Mel Perry. Foto: Isaac Elliott.
Mel Perry. Foto: Isaac Elliott.

Name: Mel Perry
Age: 56
Hometown: Hmm, in Wales we ask where people are from ”yn wreiddiol”, meaning ”originally”. This is very important to us. So ”yn wreiddiol” I am from Haverfordwest, a market town in the coastal county of Pembrokeshire. However, I’ve spent the last 31 years living in the Tywi estuary village of Llansteffan in Carmarthenshire.
Favorite food: I like almost all food, but I’ve always said that my favourite food is crab salad.
Best Book ever written: Jane Eyre

What do you know about Sweden and Tranås?
Other than general knowledge I know little about Sweden. You gave the world Nobel, Volvo, Abba and Ikea, and your countryside is made up of forests, lakes, islands, and mountains. I hope to have the chance to travel to Stockholm during my visist. I know that Dominic, Natalie and Anthony have very fond memories of Tranas and your welcome to them, and that their writing has flourished.

What do you expect of the Yeats International Literary residency?
The chance to meet new people, and new writers in particular. To develop some pieces that I have been working on this year. To find inspiration in the local landscape, wildlife and architecture. To read and perform my work, and maybe to share where my ideas, inspiration and techniques come from. I also have some work to polish and edit, and prepare for publication. Finally, as I’m almost totally deaf in one ear I’m keen to take some time to concentrate on using diferent senses and see how that affects my writing.

How do you think written and spoken poetry differs?
One is noisy, the other quiet! I think spoken and written are two threads of the same braid. We can’t always expect to perfrom to all of our audiences, so our written word needs to find a way of communicating it’s own performance. As a good friend says to me, ”The man in San Diego won’t have the benefit of seeing you perform, so he has to get all of it from reading your poem on the page” Even if a poem is not for performing, it’s always important to read it out loud if only to oneself. By doing this we are more likely to find the stiles and difficult bridges that readers might stumble over- then we can edit and put them right.

What do you think is making a good writer?
Reading other peoples work, being brave, writing from the heart and knowledge, being prepared to work at it, being confident about your own style and inspiration.