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Slamets Papi: Marc Kelly Smith

Av Peter Nyberg

Marc Kelly Smith
Marc Kelly Smith

Marc Kelly Smith kallar sig Slampapi på sin hemsida och är mannens om sägs ha ”uppfunnit” poetry slam sådant det är idag. Den enda svenska poet han minns är Bob Hanson, från ett främträdande 20-30 år tillbaka i tiden i New York.

Wich are the basic elements of slam poetry in US?

Although the great majority of slams in the US have lost sight of the root principles that have propelled slam’s popularity and success, the original slam at the Green Mill and Chicago’s slam community still adhere to them. The basic elements of slam can be summed up in three definitions.

1) Slam poetry is performance poetry, the remarriage of the art of performing poetry with the art of writing. All forms of performance technique can be used by slam poets to communicate their poems to an audience effectively. All poetic styles and forms of poetry from the classics to hip hop are welcomed into the slam world. Any poem is a slam poem if it is performed.

2) A Poetry Slam is a highly entertaining, interactive performance poetry event that is an art form in itself incorporating and intermixing musical accompaniment, theatrics, costumes, spectacle, electronic images, dance, etc. with poetic expression in an exploration of what can be achieved artistically in the realm of poetry when the arbitrary constraints of conventional thinking about what poetry is or should be are removed.

3) One form of a Poetry Slam event is an interactive performance poetry competition used as a theatrical device to focus the audience’s attention to the stage. There is no set way to manage these competitions. Each locale and show is encouraged to create its own rituals and system for judging and conducting them.
Have you noticed any diffrences between countries in how they compete in poetry?<