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”Hup, Holland, Hup”: Patriotism, Hatred and Regional Pride in Dutch Football Songs

Av Jorn Koelemaij


Holland has for many decades been a respected and well-performing football nation. Especially the national team, nicknamed ”Oranje” (Orange), has continuously belonged to the world’s top countries from the early 1970s onwards. Therefore, it is quite a trauma for the Dutchmen that their country has never managed to win the World Cup, despite having reached the final three times.

Although in general Dutch people are not particularly overt in their patriotism, entire streets are being turned into orange every two years as soon as the World Cup or European Championship is approaching. During this sudden phenomenon, often referred to as the ”Orange fever”, lots of people, both professional artists and hobbyists, come up with new songs. At the same time, there are two ”classics” in particular that seem to never lose their popularity. One of them, written in 1950 by an employee of a public broadcasting organisation, goes as follows:

Hup Holland Hup
Laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan
Hup Holland Hu